HTML cheat sheet

  1. TAB code in HTML ==>  
  2. non-breakable SPACE in HTML ==>  
  3. <time></time> link
  4. <sub>subscript</sub> will lower the text
  5. <sup>superscript</sup> will make the text HIGHER
  6. <strong> and <em> and <b> and <i>” all these tags can be used with CSS classes as well which expands their usage. link
  7. [autocomplete=”off”] turns autocomplete off for an input
  8. <small> text you want to be in small font</small>
  9. there are many usefull INPUT TYPES
    • <input type=”url” or “reset” or “file” or “tel” etc> more from here
    • if you use type=”tel” then you can also use attribute pattern, which will create patter for that input. More on this here.
    • every HTML element supports title=”This will be displayed as tooltip”

lower text subscript and this will make text higher superscript, this is all so cool! [ 32 ]

これは日本語でも使えるか?文字のサイズが気になるね all this is written in Japanese.文字が小さいと見えないよね, I just tested how this looks when written in Japanese. Font size might be an issue here. [ 32 ]