HTML5 structure

HTML and browsers are very forgiving regarding HTML structure. There will be no error even if there is no <head> tags etc. It can be written in <TABLE> or <table>, it dosen’t matter. But there is correct way to structure it and write it. If you write it the correct way it will pay it … Read more

How to make a TABLE in HTML

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omg! did you know about <title> tag?

ok, when i started studying HTML & coding then i never have paid any attention to the page’s <title>My page</title> tags. I just thought that these are not !IMPORTANT, but i was again very WRONG. I thought that <h1> is the most important regarding SEO and page structure, but this <title> tag is even more … Read more

tag: <time> </time>

tells the browser and google that this block of text is TIME. This tag has datetime=”” attribute too, which makes it easier to let google know more about time. We are open from 9:00 to 12:00 every morning. But on Thursday we are closed due to national holiday in Japan.