Operators in PHP

Arithmetic operators Comparison operators Logical operators Logical Operators Operator Example Name (meaning) Result and ( && ) $a and $b AND true if both $a and $b are true. or ( || ) $a or $b OR true if either $a or $b is true. Xor $a xor $b XOR true if either $a or … Read more


You need to do VALIDATION for the following things (& also you need corresponding MSG too) To make all INPUTS safe to use, you should wrap them into this function: And also to keep your data consistent on DB you should also add this: Basic syntacs: Sanitization Filters: Validation Filters: Integer Filters: Float Filters: Boolean … Read more

RESET.css file! What is it and why you should be using it

< IMPORTANT > Bootstrap also has also reset.css called reboot.css and if you are working with Bootstrap then it might be the best solution to use. Latelly CSS Remedy is the new way of doing reset.css, check it out. There are many different BROWSERD in this world. Unfortunately all of the display content (our website) … Read more


CONSTANTS must be defined and can’t be changed throughout the program like $variables can. CONSTANTS are global and therefore can be accessed from FUNCTIONS as well. Other facts about constants: