I have been interested in computer since childhood, but I didn’t concider programming as my future becuase of a big LIE. The BIG LIE I was told Since childhood i was told this BIG LIE. You must be good at MATH to become a PROGRAMMER!!! But the reality is the opposite, you actually don’t need … Read more

How OTHERS learnt to CODE and became very good at it

Here I have gathered various resources and talks of people who learnt coding dispite of their fears. No-one of them actually believed that they could do it first, but the more they learnt it the more they become better at it and they gained more selfconfidence. Useful takeaways Learn the rules like a PRO, then … Read more

Why you should learn to CODE!!!

This video really gave me so much motivation to continue to learn CODING, cos coding is not just to make WEB SITE etc, but it can be used to become CREATIVE like artist with code. He was using code to buy SOCCER TICKETS and to make BOTS for social media etc. If you also include … Read more