PS! After establishing connection to mySQL server and then performing CRUD then it would be a good practice to CLOSE the connection like this: Connect to MySQL DATABASE using PHP.

My STUDY plan as of 6/1

Learn NOW < GOAL for 2024 till 12/31) MY OLD things <if i have time i will keep learning> TODAY

omg! did you know about <title> tag?

ok, when i started studying HTML & coding then i never have paid any attention to the page’s <title>My page</title> tags. I just thought that these are not !IMPORTANT, but i was again very WRONG. I thought that <h1> is the most important regarding SEO and page structure, but this <title> tag is even more … Read more

tag: <time> </time>

tells the browser and google that this block of text is TIME. This tag has datetime=”” attribute too, which makes it easier to let google know more about time. We are open from 9:00 to 12:00 every morning. But on Thursday we are closed due to national holiday in Japan.

stop trying too hard! Watch this video it will help

I can tell you from my own expereince that learning coding is very very hard and only some of us become good coders. So, what to do? Just stop trying too HARD and enjoy the process. That’s what this video is about. Just watch it and it will help you become mentally ready to become … Read more

HTML <table> structure

I have always LOVED HTML <table>’s structure and been facinated how clever TABLES actually are. The simplest way to build a table is just to use <table> & <tr> and <td> tags. But better tables acutally have more very useful tags like <thead – table header tag> with <tr – table row> and <th – … Read more

Connecting to MySQL DB with PHP

It’s very easy to connect to MySQL database using PHP. You just need to know HOSTNAME, USERNAME (this is DB username), PASSWORD (pw for DB), DB_NAME and that’s it. It’s better to have a separate PHP file named connect.php for connection information. There are TWO ways of doing this. EXAMPLE 1 is more cleaner and … Read more

No hardcoding URL anymore!

In HTML just use ” / ” in front of the slug like this “/about” OR “/blog” then you don’t have to hardcode the main URL. input output This link goes to my blog!